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The world was graced with the birth of Nikki Atwell on October 12, 1982. Nikki brought love and joy to those around her. She would cry when hurt by others but was never mean or unkind. She wanted most for people to be happy. She was an insightful thinker and looked deep into herself and the world around her. Respecting and understanding life, people, differences and diversity was an integral part of who she was. Her connection with the world was a vulnerable sensitivity that permeated her body and soul. She worked so hard at all she did and was rarely satisfied, even when she far surpassed any expections. Yet, she also sought the simple joys of life that so many forget to embrace. Nikki has drawn people closer in her life and it is our hope that her love and life will touch and inspire you to mend relationships, touch those you love and reach out to those in need. Falling asleep at the wheel October 7th approximately 1:30 pm, she left the road and was thrown out of the vehicle suffering severe head injuries. She never regained consciousness and the doctor pronounced her death at 5:00 p.m. October 8th, 2002 at Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her organs were donated through the ARORA organization.

Nikki understood Arts and Music express the soul much greater than simple words ever can. She was multi-talented playing the french horn, acoustic and steel guitar and drums. She painted, wrote poetry, loved photography and the human soul. She loved economics, philosophy, math and chemistry. Her soprano voice rejoiced in classical music especially singing in Italian or Latin. Her life was filled with dance, from ballet to hip hop. Her life and dreams will live on through the Nikki Atwell Memorial Scholarship (501c3 status pending), awarded yearly by committee selection. Donations to the Scholarship Fund can be mailed to P.O. Box 1228, Mtn View, Arkansas 72560. The family can be contacted via their same home email or through our website contact form.

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